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Liberate planets in this cool space shooter

As one of the first and most popular videogames of all time, Space Invaders is also one of the most copied. Atomers is a slick shooter that merges elements of Space Invaders with Galaga-style enemies. The story is a pretty standard one - save the planets by blasting aliens. But the main thing is that this is a simplistic game that will have you gripped for hours.

Like Space Invaders, you sit at the bottom of the screen as the alien ships shoot and swoop down on your from above. One of the cool things about Atomaders is that every time you shoot an enemy you'll get a different charging weapon type. Once you've collected four of these, you can reel off one shot to devastating effect. This, and the addition of mother ships and end-level bosses adds a little more interest to the standard Space Invaders gameplay.

Graphically, the game is very impressive, with gorgeous backgrounds, smooth animation and some rad explosion effects. With a kicking soundtrack and some great FX, this is a highly polished creation, compared with early Space Invaders games.

Make you way through enemy attack waves in your task of liberating planet systems from alien cyborgs invasion. Feel an unconquerable power of your weaponry while destroying cyborgs and obtaining extra-weapons. Feel the pride when a mighty command ship falls to pieces under your fire finding the only vulnerable place. You're gonna atomize or you're gonna be atomized!


  • Various enemy cyborg types
  • Nine powerful extra weapons ranging from Side Swing to the mighty Crusher
  • Motherships giving special abilities such as Defense Launcher
  • Boss levels with unique creatures
  • Player ship easily controlled by keyboard, mouse or joystick


  • Lots of motherships and bosses to destroy
  • Dozens of weapon power-ups
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Awesome soundtrack


  • Lacks a great deal of options

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Atomaders 1.9.8 for PC

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